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Introducing LDE

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

LDE is an upcoming brand and clothing line created by musician, LDE Whyte. It was first started back in 2018 based off the slogan "Love Don't Exist." Growing up, Whyte had trouble understanding the meaning of Love. His parents divorced at a young age and Whyte himself had problems searching for true love. After many failed attempts and tired of being taken for granted, Whyte developed the belief of "Love Don't Exist." Growing older, it seemed like the world kept getting colder.

Putting his focus on himself, Whyte felt like the best way for him to heal was thru his music.

He always had a passion for music at a young age but was held back by his anxiety and paranoia from past traumas. Overcoming his struggles, he now brings us pain driven music and a brand looking to make an impact on a broken world.

LDE will be releasing different lines of fashion with each line having a new meaning and design.

All clothing is created with high quality material and guarantees a comfortable, breathable wear for all consumers. Stay Tuned!

Love is more than just a word, more than just a feeling; it is a way of life, a Lifestyle.

LDE is more than just a brand or a clothing line, it's a lifestyle. A family for those who feel alone.

Sign up and join the family!


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