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Sino Immob & LDE Whyte - Lil Mama

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In this heat, you can’t tell me that the ladies cant resist this banger. July has to be the hottest month known. I can tell you dancing, music, and women mix perfect. In this song created by the brother duo, you can hear the vibrating vocals and riff grabbing all in one. You can shake your ass and get paid by doing it. This ain’t for the ones who aren’t about business and wasting time cause one thing a woman is gonna know is making money and looking good while doing it. If it’s for the women in healthcare, real estate, food industy, and the exotic dancers it doesn’t matter who you are if you getting it you don‘t have to come correct for anyone.

Lil Mama by Sino Immob ft LDE WHYTE can be found on ALL streaming platforms:

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